Agbani Road is more like a Church Road. From its beginning around Camp, stretching through Achara Layout, up to its end towards Gariki, you will find Churches and other forms of Christian Gathering Places.

Most of them are along that road, while a few are inside the connecting streets.

Pentecostal Churches are predominant. Other Denominations are very few at Agbani Road.

You’ll find a Catholic Church in the street that connects to Mayor Bust Stop, on the left, if you’re facing Gariki and an Anglican Church around Meniru Bus Stop.



There’s an Anglican Church at Osondu Bus Stop of Zik avenue and a Catholic Church at Sacred Heart Bus Stop.

There are several other Churches along Zik Avenue, Uwani Enugu.



After 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, Nike Grammar School and Mami Market, STARTING FROM THE BRIDGE that introduces Abakpa, you shall find Multiple Churches and other Christian Gathering Places at Nike Road Abakpa; both along that road and inside some of the connecting streets.

As usual, most of them belong to the Pentecostal Denomination of the Christian Religion.